Wasp and bee control services in South Manchester

Are you looking for wasp and bee control services? Mike Dempsey Pest Control provides quality wasp and pest control solutions.

Bee And Wasp Extermination


Hornets, wasps and bees are an obvious threat to your safety should they choose to nest on your property. Their stings are painful and can often lead to allergies. Mike Dempsey Pest Control specialises in wasp and bee control and prevention services. Our staff can visit your home or commercial space and remove beehives and hornets’ nests. All our services are safe and convenient.

Bee Control Services


Our trained staff carefully displace bees from the hive using eco-friendly and humane methods. Our staff ensure safe and effective services

Wasp Control


We offer convenient wasp control solutions. Our services are affordable, we cater to both commercial and domestic customers.

For wasp and bee control services, call Mike Dempsey Pest Control in Stockport on 01625 878060 or 07711 801872