Rat and mouse control services in South Manchester

Mike Dempsey Pest Control provides rat and mouse control, prevention and extermination services.

Expert rodent, mouse control


Rats and mice contaminate food, leading to food poisoning if consumed. They also spread diseases such as Weil’s disease, rat-bite fever and hantavirus. They also gnaw walls and chew electrical wiring. Mike Dempsey Pest Control in Stockport specialises in rat and mouse control services. Our staff will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and commercial space to identify signs of rat/mouse activities and their entry points. Based on this we will provide you with a comprehensive treatment. We also provide quality advice to our customers, thus helping them maintain a clean, sanitary environment.

Effective services


Our qualified use safe and reliable rat control measures to offer a long-term solution. All our services are affordable.

Dependable mouse control


We monitor your property on a regular basis to ensure the effectiveness of our pest control treatment and make changes when required.

For rat and mouse control services, call Mike Dempsey Pest Control in Stockport on 01625 878060 or 07711 801872