Cockroach Removal

Mike Dempsey Pest Control specialise in the removal of cockroaches, so if you find cockroaches in your premises contact Mike Dempsey Pest Control and we can provide a free cockroach removal quotation and advise on the best way to deter cockroaches from your property in the future.

The Cockroach


The adult cockroach is light brown in colour with two dark almost parallel longitudinal stripes on the pronotal shield. The female cockroach is darker than the male and with a broader abdomen. Both male and female adults are fully winged. Early instar nymphs have a pale area centrally on the dorsal thorax. Later instars have two longitudinal stripes on the pronotum.


The ootheca is carried by the female until it is in within 1 – 2 days of hatching. Small first instar nymphs emerge from the ootheca and easily infest tiny cracks and crevices in the immediate area. All the nymphal stages and the adult cockroaches feed on the same type of food, making the establishment of an infestation extremely easy.

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